Our Platform

Access and analyze comprehensive clinical data in real-time from our network of 175M+ covered lives

What data is accessible?

Comprehensive clinical data - including individual medical records, EHR data, lab test results and prescriptions - as well as health data from wearables, devices, sensors, and mobile health apps

Where is the data coming from?

A real-time, digital data network of 15,000+ unique, pre-integrated health systems, hospitals, clinics, EHRs, labs, pharmacies, devices, and mobile health applications

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Applications and interfaces built on top of the platform core that represent new ways to interact, understand, and make sense of health data

How it works

We take a consumer-centric approach to health data exchange


An easy way for your consumers to share their health data with you


Fully HIPAA Compliant cloud infrastructure built by a world class security team


Fully configurable and personalized consumer consent process