What We Believe

We are committed to living up to our values every day. The mission we are pursuing, which is rooted deeply in our collective beliefs that we can help build a better healthcare world for everyone, is the foundation upon which we build our shared vision for the future.


Reliability is the hallmark of ownership. It helps organizations scale because it allows work to be truly handed off. We have built an ownership driven culture where solving problems end-to-end breeds trust and huge opportunity for growth.


"A player who makes a team great is more valuable than a great player. Losing yourself in the group for the good of the group, that's teamwork" - John Wooden. We are a culture of givers, not of takers.


We strive to eliminate waste in all that we do, whether the code we write or the systems we implement. We are motivated by achieving our goals, not enthralled by the means we use to get there, or others' perceptions of them.


We surround ourselves with people who are not afraid to be themselves, comfortable enough to be honest with each other, and secure enough to have their ideas challenged.


When you change an industry from the ground up, the road is long and mostly uphill. We stay committed to our goals, while remaining flexible in our approach. We're on the century ride, not the sprint.